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OTC Stocks Defined

OTC stocks. There’s not much else in the market that compares to the reaction you usually receive at the mere mention of a Pink Sheet company. OTC stocks can be astronomical money makers, but they can also destroy portfolios. At penny stock classroom we’re constantly working to cut through the hype and give you an […]


Options Trading Software

Options trading software is probably most used to find good high probability trading positions, however it can also be used to find options quotes that are both overpriced and underpriced. Let’s discuss the first use first of all – finding good trading opportunities. If you’re an options trader you probably already make use of technical […]


Options Pricing

If you’re new to options trading it’s recommended that you become fully aware of how options are priced and what the various terms actually mean. It’s all too easy to lose money when trading options at the best of times so you should certainly have a firm grasp of options pricing before you even attempt […]


No Non-Sense raw style of Investing

There’s a group of underground investors that continually make massive profits in the market. The kind of gains that are abnormal to the average investor. These are penny stock investors. No where else in the market can you see stocks move from $.10 to $1.00 in just one day.  It is very rare to see […]

Moving Averages and Penny Stocks

Moving averages may not be able to predict the future price of a stock, but they’re a great way to measure the current direction of prices. Moving averages are useful for determining the future prices of a stock that’s already trending up, in order to estimate future buy/sell prices. But, it’s largely useless at determining […]


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